Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement

Face of Defense: Airman Perseveres to Compete in Ultramarathons - 9:44 AM on 08/23/2016

Airmen assist in Arizona highway rescue
Air Force News - 3:17 PM on 08/22/2016

Chinese Threaten Japan, Australia Over South China Sea; Time For US FON Ops
Breaking Defense - 1:47 PM on 08/23/2016

The Hard March to Mosul: A Frontline Report
Small Wars Journal - 10:44 AM on 08/23/2016

More Clintoon “Private” Email Surfaces
This Ain't Hell - 10:35 AM on 08/23/2016

Soldier surprises little brother during class
Welcome Home Blog - 11:15 AM on 08/23/2016

DOD Supercomputing Inspires Interns, Helps Army Researchers
Armed with Science - 9:00 AM on 08/22/2016

Poll: Back to the Military Doctors?
SpouseBuzz - 7:00 AM on 08/23/2016

Two of five Austin school races contested as election filing closes
Austin American-Statesman - 2:56 PM on 08/23/2016

The Brief: Trump Makes Surprising Appearance in Ruby Red Texas
Texas Tribune - 3:55 AM on 08/23/2016

Things all Houstonians have said at one time or another
Houston Chronicle - 12:59 PM on 08/23/2016

Ken Paxton agrees to have dinner with Denton transgender boy and his family
Dallas Morning News - 2:46 PM on 08/23/2016

Bella Vita focuses on family, food
Star-Telegram - 11:14 PM on 08/22/2016

Rubio on Trump: First a con man, now better than Clinton
The Monitor - 12:19 PM on 08/23/2016

Community news: Austin parents can download school bus app
Austin American-Statesman - 2:16 PM on 08/23/2016

Trump Makes Unusual Swing Through Texas
Texas Tribune - 12:01 AM on 08/23/2016

Howard Energy Partners powers up with half a billion in private financing
San Antonio Business Journal - 5:34 PM on 08/22/2016

Parent of Circle K agrees to buy CST Brands for $4.4 billion
mySA - 10:15 AM on 08/22/2016

Texas Venture Summit Tallies Up $84M In Funding, Looks At 2016
Texas Tech Pulse - 10:20 AM on 08/23/2016

Why Workload Isolation Matters and How We Do it
Rackspace - 6:00 AM on 08/23/2016

Continental Motors to close San Antonio aerospace manufacturing plant
San Antonio Business Journal - 4:56 PM on 08/22/2016

ESO Solutions Helps Ambulance Services Perform Better
Silicon Hills News - 2:32 PM on 08/18/2016

Spurs get Durant, for starters
Spurs Nation - 4:31 PM on 08/11/2016

An incredibly revealing article on Gregg Popovich
Pounding The Rock - 9:15 AM on 08/22/2016

Spurs 2016-17 Schedule: Top Games, Championship Odds and Record Predictions
Bleacher Report - 4:55 PM on 08/11/2016

Cowboys News & Notes: Dallas About To Run Roughshod Over The NFL
Blogging The Boys - 4:00 AM on 08/23/2016

Spurs NBA Schedule for 2016-2017 - 11:24 AM on 08/22/2016

Carmelo Anthony Really Is Better On Team USA
FiveThirtyEight - 5:55 PM on 08/22/2016

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